Mission Statement

Aoyama Shachu Corporation (ASC) is a newly established Japanese think tank, which senior ex-Japanese government officials as well as Harvard Kennedy School graduates founded in 2010. ASC is a public policy research institution dedicated to provide analysis and direct policy advisory services to both national and regional political parties standing on a bipartisan position.   ASC’s mission is to fundamentally reshape the Japan’s national policy making process by effectively informing the policy options to the public and mobilizing key stakeholders in the government and the private sector.  To achieve the mission, ASC will pursue the following three ways:

  • ‘By promoting a smooth and streamlined business-government relationship (more active involvement of the private sector in the Japan’s policy making process)’
  • ‘By promoting a smaller government (both size and its involvement)’
  • ‘By promoting diverse ways of lives and values among the Japanese citizens to achieve their self-help’

By proceeding above, ASC is committed to produce Japan as a globally competitive nation, and directly provide alternative policy options to national decision makers, independent of the political standpoint of the Japanese government. By doing it ASC believes that those policy options will enhance the quality of the national policy-making debate and ends up serving as a source of better national interest.